Welcome to Dewside

Bulletin Board Resource for Resident Assistants

Hello! Are you an RA? Do you need to make bulletin boards, but you want them to be cute, easy, and fun?
Never fear! Feel free to use the ones I have already made. Just print these PDFs and cut them out as you please!

"Bluey" Seasonal Affective Disorder Board

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Don't Let Winter Get You All BLUEY! A board about SAD symptoms and ways to help treat it. Complete with Bluey characters to cut out and arrange across your board.

Got Spooky Roomates?

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An October board about conflict management with roommates! Graphics include pumpkins to make a pumpkin patch, bats, and Pompompurin!

My Other Boards!

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Never forget your potential with the Eeveelutions!

Have a slay holiday break with the cast of Demon Slayer.
I'm trying to find the PDFs for these, but feel free to use the ideas!!