Other Creations

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sonic and shadow explaining meme

The "explaining to my mom" meme but with Sonic and Shadow. April. 2021

edgy warrior cats oc

An edgy Warriors OC I had when I was 13. Her name is Loststar (previously Lostclaw). Mar. 2021

sss warrior cats joke

An SSS Warrior Cats/FE Awakening crossover joke. Jan. 2021

Redraw of an old OC dressed as a butler. Dec. 2020


Redraw of a catboy OC I had at age 14. Dec. 2020

A sketch of San form Princess Mononoke. Nov. 2020

Glitch kitten initial drawing

A glitch kitten- Glitchen! She's based a little bit on Meow from AC. Oct. 2020


A small painting of a desert botanical garden. Oct. 2020