recent (important) updates:

11/23/21: re-themed for christmas!
10/5/21: re-themed for halloween!

5/3/21: commissions are open!
3/27/21: the movie page debuted, reddit moment occured, and Dewside's viewcount shot up by 100,000 views in just two days

3/18/21: hiatus sucked, i'm back now
3/13/21: after several days of inactivity, i announced an official hiatus
3/7/21: added a writing page, published the chrobin page
3/2/21: added new art, working on a chrobin fanfic hall of fame
2/16/21: i'm bored of the home page, so i totally switched it up. if you wanna view the classic mode, open this link in a new tab.

2/13/21: added the bloggosphere, overhauled the sidebar links
2/12/21: added the daily video page
2/10/21: added more stamps, changed theme of the furry section
2/3/21: i think the new leaf page is done until my next big pawpoint revamp
2/2/21: reworked the about page
1/31/21: added photos to the new leaf gallery, re-started work on that page
1/24/21: added a new radio station, overhauled the art page