originally, my site had all the pages listed in the sidebar, but eventually i had made TOO MANY to do that! so now i sort of my additional pages here-- please check them out!
Image Page
Resident Assistant Bulletins
a resource of bulletin board pdfs/ideas for resident assistants!
My New Leaf Town
welcome to pawpoint city!
Chrobin Fanfic Hall of Fame
my (hopefully) helpful list of the greatest Chrom x Robin fanworks to date.
Art by Hollyfig, used with permission!!
Films Available on YouTube
a growing resource of movies/shows available for free on youtube
My Writing
a collection of stories i have written, including fire emblem fanfiction!
a page on bisexuality: definition, symbols, experiences.
i love bon. she's my best friend. she says some truly haunting things, sometimes.
a page of quizzes i have made, which you can take directly on my site
Senior Quotes
a collection of quotes i considered for my senior quote. feel free to use 'em!
Do Not Enter
please! do NOT click on this page!!