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**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Bon *•̩ ̩͙✩•̩̩͙ * ˚*

Bon is my greatest friend, and I somehow managed to convince her to make a site. Go enjoy it!!!


This is my little brother's site! I designed the layout, and I'm teaching him how to code. Go support him!!

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Cool Things From the Interwebs

Site Description
Blue Lick Road House Can you find the cat? Or anything else, for that matter?
Orb Farm Make a little fishtank and watch it progress.
PidgiWiki A massive archive of video game official and promotional art
Corndog on Corndog Hot corndog action
WTF Should I do with my Life? An actually very informative and fun website on careers and undertakings!
Star Wars Intro Creator Create your own Star Wars-style video intro!
This Website Will Self Destruct A website that will self destruct itself if no one posts for 24 hours. Heartwarming and sometimes sad to read.
McBroken.com A helpful website tracking if the ice cream machine at each McDonalds location is broken or not.
Zombo.com Anything is possible at ZomboCom. (sound on!!)
Lauren Tepfer's Website A portfolio site with compelling photography.
I'm a F*cking Webmaster TAKE BACK THE WEB
Video Game Music A massive resource of video game soundtracks. If you can think of the game, it's probably in here.
Put it on a Pedestal For the museum designer in you
Lycanroc.net downloads Has some cool and hard-to-come by software, like old Windows products
OMFG Dogs (eyestrain!) dogs
Make Everything Ok The magic button we all need