“Hey, now, how about a smile for old Inigo, eh? You're beautiful when you smile. And I want to look upon it every day.”

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Log of Eliwood's Thoughts

11:28 pm; june 12, 2022 (sunday)

i went to a convention this weekend! i was a panelist and cosplayed all weekend. i did yushiro from demon slayer (with bon as lady tamayo) and obanai (with bon as my lovely mitsuri)-- we have a joke about constantly cosplaying as straight people. i got to see a lot of rare friends and it was a blast! i can't wait for the bigger cons in the fall!!

i want to change this page to be called "/oddiespeaks.html" but that would require me to change the link name on every single page indivdually. which has got to be at least, like, 30 seperate pages.

5:30 pm; june 5, 2022 (sunday)

way to drop off the face of the earth for 3 months! sorry to leave you all on such an unsure note after my last few blog entries. i've wiped the page again, and you can find old entries by scrolling down to the "view older posts" button.

to address my last post, i am improving. i am doing better. after writing all of that i hit some new lows due to circumstances outside my control and family issues, but i am generallly doing better. what i am going through right now is a struggle of a different sort, and i do not see it fit to share here.
i finally got a haircut last week, and it feels so, so good!! it's layered so that it curls properly, i have a bang layer, and overall it just suits me so much better than i think my hair ever has before. i even like my face a little bit more when it's framed like this. it's still hard to like sometimes, but it helps.
i started to get more creative with how i dress, and i let myself have fun with it now. i found out that i really like accessories! necklaces, ear cuffs, waist dangles, and pants chains all add so much to my outfits! i certainly feel so much better about that all than i did back in march. i need to figure out a good way to post my outfits on here!

i'm working at a big museum organization that has several different venues/types of museums. i absolutely love it. i get to handle and talk about butterflies, study and teach about fossils and skulls, and perform magic tricks with kids. i feel like i walk out of every shift having learned something new, too! i am so, so glad that i somewhat arbitrarily chose this career path. it's such a fulfilling line of work for me.

i get to see bon more now, since we live a little closer at the moment. bon, do you still read this blog? i love you. i'm happy i get to see you more often. i really love spending time with you, and i wish i could see you every day.

i went to my first ever pride march this week. i actually had a lot of fun, even if i was kinda anxious and stressed for reasons i won't get into here. i want to go back again next year and fully enjoy it. here is a picture my friend took, i'm the short one with the bisexual flag.

as for this site, i think it needs some overhauling. i'll start with the home page and figure it out from there. here's to what the future brings!

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