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good evening, ladies and gentlemen. this is a page dedicated to (mostly animated) films that can be currently found on YouTube. not all of these are masterpieces, but hey! they're free.

pro tips:
get an ad-blocker before watching these! long videos on youtube get sooo many ads. the chrome and firefox store have plenty of free options.
if you still don't want an ad blocker, skipping to the end of a video and then hitting "replay" usually clears the ads.

find a movie to add to this list? drop me a line at eligoodfansite@gmail.com

Children's Animation

Kubo And The Two Strings

Last checked: 4/14/2021
A recent and critically acclaimed stop-motion folk story.


Last checked: 4/14/2021
I'm not normally a horror fan, but this... this is good.

Leafie: A Hen into the Wild (English Subtitles)

Last checked: 4/14/2021
A Korean film about the sacrifice of motherhood. This is a censored cut, but the actual ending is easily searchable on YouTube.

The Cinnamoroll Movie (English Subtitles)

Last checked: 4/14/2021
Oh, you KNOW I've watched this one.

Adventures of the American Rabbit

Last checked: 4/14/2021
An extremely obscure film that my parents showed me several times as a kid.

The Sonic the Hedgehog OVA

Last checked: 4/14/2021
If you're looking for a slightly less egregious voice performance, this fan-made redubbing is better than the real movie.

The Brave Little Toaster

Last checked: 4/14/2021
The concept of this one weirded me out as a kid, so I never watched it

A Turtle's Tale

Last checked: 4/14/2021
Your standard cheap-but-not-horrible kid's flick.

The Little Bear Movie

Last checked: 4/14/2021
A movie based off the children's character "Little Bear"


Last checked: 4/14/2021
I have never seen this film

Gruesome Animated Animal Films


Last checked: 4/14/2021
A detective/mystery movie featuring kitty murder, sex, and religious cults. Remember, THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS!

Animal Farm

Last checked: 4/14/2021
The 1954 adaption of George Orwell's classic.

Watership Down (1978)

Last checked: 4/14/2021
All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed.

Watership Down (TV Series)

Last checked: 3/29/27
A more child-friendly approach to Watership.


The Daily Lives of High School Boys (English Subtitles)

Last checked: 4/14/2021
A charming and hilarious slice-of-life series.

Grave of the Fireflies (English Subtitles)

Last checked: 4/14/2021
The greatest movie you'll never wanna see again

Jungle Emperor Leo

Last checked: 4/14/2021
A vintage-style anime based on Kimba the White Lion (no, it's not a Lion King ripoff). I actually own this one on DVD-- thrift store finds rule.

The Garden of Words

Last checked: 4/14/2021
Holy background art, Batman!

Star Wars

Holiday Special

Last checked: 4/14/2021
A beautiful trainwreck of a "movie". Watch at your own risk.

Ewok Animated Series

Last checked: 4/14/2021
I couldn't find the Ewok movies, but this exists.

Droids Animated Series

Last checked: 4/14/2021


Walking with Monsters

Last checked: 4/14/2021
I watched this repeatedly back when it was on Netflix.

Legend of Atlantis

Last checked: 4/14/2021
National Geographic, baby

Blue Planet

Last checked: 4/14/2021
blue planet

Mariana Trench

Last checked: 4/14/2021
I used this one for an essay source once.

Carl Sagan's Cosmos

Last checked: 4/14/2021
I've never watched this myself, but I thiiiiink it's a docuseries??

Live Action

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Last checked: 4/14/2021
"It's the violence inherent in the system!"

Hell's Kitchen (Uncensored)

Last checked: 4/14/2021 (official account)
Angry Kitchen Man's hit show

Home Alone

Last checked: 4/14/21
This movie makes me physically uncomforable, but it's a Christmas staple in our house.