“Hey, now, how about a smile for old Inigo, eh? You're beautiful when you smile. And I want to look upon it every day.”

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Welcome to Dewside

Terrible Things

Look, I love Bon. She's my best friend. I trust her with my life. She says a lot of things that haunt me.

Enjoy this little collection.
“I love explaining softcore tentacle porn.”
[holds up a very small tube top] “This is for peepee”
"I've never really been into butt s-" [walks away]
"I like… I wanna tailgate someone."
“They both have ‘tard’”
"My rock horse cock"
"Why do you want my fucking belly, Harry Styles??"
"What if your eyes had different sexualities"
"I have made the executive decision to go into traffic."
[passing Victoria's Secret] "Do you wanna get your tits tested?"
"They didn't ask for much, just a museum full of corpses."
"What, you don't like DILFs?""

Page last updated: 3/2/2021