“Hey, now, how about a smile for old Inigo, eh? You're beautiful when you smile. And I want to look upon it every day.”

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Rover is God

Written: January 2021
You get on the train.

You pick a seat, set down your bag, and settle in. The train starts to move, creeping forward as the rails groan underneath it. You stare out the window. The train is moving quickly now. The landscape starts to blur a little bit, and, that can't be right, this train should only move--

"Hello," an excited voice interrupts your thoughts. You look up. A man is standing in the aisle beside you, and he's gesturing at the seat across from yours. "Mind if I sit here?"

You shake your head. He sits down.

You take a moment to study him. He wears a red sweater vest, and moves in a deliberate, quiet manner. You wonder how long he stood beside you before speaking up. He sits and pulls a book out of the bag that sits slung around his shoulder.

There's something in his eyes you just can't understand as he glances back up at you, as though his presence here isn't quite right. You look out the window again, and time passes with the scenery outside.

When you pull yourself away from the passing landscape, you don't question why the man now sports a feline nose, blue fur, and wide eyes. Why the train cabin looks smaller and cozier, or why the map in your hand seems to have changed shape. You won't think to wonder until you step off the train.

"Mind if I ask where you're headed?" The cat man inquires.

You reply with the name of a town you don't recognize.