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Fursuits are animal costumes designed and worn by furries. These costumes usually are made to represent a fursona, but can also personify other characters. Not all furries own a fursuit, however, and research indicates that fursuit owners in the fandom are a minority.
Fursuits can be quite the undertaking. A professionally commissioned suit can run you thousands of dollars, and a homemade one can take several months to contruct.

My Personal List of Fursuit Makers

Fursuit Makers I am Seriously Considering Right Now
Just A Dragon Creations


Head: Starts at $700 (expected final price: $950)
Partial: Starts at $900 (expected final price: $1,100)
Full digitigrade: Starts at 2,000 (expected final price: $2,500)

Notes: I love the expressive and extreme toony style these suits boast! The maker's Instagram page states that you can request a sketch of your character in the style while getting a quote to see if it fits or not, so I most likely will me doing that. They don't offer plantigrade, which is okay because I don't want it at all, but I don't think I've seen many makers out there who skip it entirely. The fullbody price is a little steep for what I'm going for, so if I DO fall in love with the style, I'm going for a partial.
Koshka Fursuits


Head: Starts at $500
Partial: Starts at $900
Full digitigrade: Starts at $1,600

Notes: Wow! What great prices! I'm definitely going full digitigrade if I go with Koshka. I think that the cat muzzle they used for Toboshiro (see below) would work well on Oddball!